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Exploring Life
Consultancy, Keynotes, Panels, Ethics

Creative Life Explorer & Digital Nomad

XR and HR at the service of Humanity & Life Explorations
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Studio XR-One
XR content creation & production of immersive experiences 

Co-Founder & CEO

Realizing the most future-proof aspirations of your organization from eXtended Reality to the Metaverse and beyond.

Logo Mizik

a Studio XR-One production

Co-Founder & CEO

Mizik is your Virtual Reality Live Performance platform for professionals and amateurs. Offering hybrid concert solutions and VR karaoke.

LOGO Euromersive

Euromersive: European Federation of XR Professionals

Co-Founder & Treasurer BOD

Euromersive is the European Federation of XR Professionals that unites ALL Continental European XR professionals in a bottom-up structure for FREE (yes, for free!) with a Community as a Service model.

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GatherVerse EU Online Summit

GatherVerse EU Summit Director

20>21 September 2022Join us as we gather, discuss and discover the continental European ecosystem and what role the Metaverse holds within it.

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Co-Founding Member & Treasurer

XR4EUROPE is a Pan-European association that federates all the XR professionals, organizations and initiatives to support the development, promote and represent XR innovation, industry and creativity made in Europe.